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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 15, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick first look we weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> we are looking at a clear start. temperatures are cooler. we are in the upper 40s in some locations. low 40s napa. 50 san carlos with 45 on the coast. that is significantly cooler. as much as 9 degrees carolina on the east than yesterday. and livermore a little warmer. it is going to be a warm weekend. today and tomorrow experiencing a slight offshore flow. look at the numbers. mid-to upper 60s coast i'd and mid-to upper 70s around the bay. and perhaps an 80 is not out of
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the question. are we looking at rain in the seven-day outlook? i'll let you know. katie. >> there are new developments in the search for the malaysian airline flight that's missing. all possibilities are being investigated. >> the prime minister of malaysia said the unusual movements of the plane was the result of deliberate action by someone on board but he refused to say the plane was hijacked. >> despite reports that the plane was hijacked, i wish to be very clear, we are still investigating all possibilities as to what caused the plane to deviate from its original flight path. >> this was the first time the prime minister has addressed the media since the plane went missing one week ago. the investigation of everyone
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aboard the plane has taken on new urgency as the authorities try to determine who took over the plane and why. >> in view of the latest development, the malaysian authorities have refocused their investigation into the crew and passengers on board. >> according to new data, satellites tracked the flight in the air for almost 8 hours. that's longer than investigators had believed. authorities are now focusing the search on two possible corridors, one stretching all the way to the indian ocean. >> the search for the plane has entered a new phase for the family and friends of those involved we hope this new information brings us one step closer to finding the plane. >> abc news, new york.
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>> the 27-year-old usc graduate may be among the 239 people missing. the description was confirmed in a chinese newspaper that it's a match. the birth date is also a match. joy was working for shell oil in beijing. >> and they are trying to figure out what happened after a woman was found dead inside her house. her daughter discovered the body around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. alan wang spoke with neighbors. >> this is very unusual. >> the neighbors agree, there was shock had they saw a teenage girl leaving her castro valley home in tears. she had just found her mother's weed in the house around 4:00 p.m.. >> we are sure this is a homicide. we are investigating it as such. >> i'm shocked and scared being we are neighbors. >> the family lived next door.
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they said the family had a daughter in third grade that attended school across the street. they said the husband was quiet man. >> at one time i saw him working. >> working? >> yes, working. >> but outside of that the family knows very little of the family who lives here. >> mr. delgado lives two doors down. >> people used to be for flipped and close but now people change all the time. it's hard to be friends of people because they kind of city to themselves. >> usually an adult family member will give police access to search it but in this case they had to obtain a search warrant, which tells us one of two things, the husband either denied police access or they can't find him. at last check police said they were still trying to locate the husband. reporting in castro valley, i'm alan wang. abc7 news. >> police in pacifica are investigating after a woman's
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body washed ashore at the beach. it was discovered around 4:30 yesterday. she was pulled from the surf at the north end of the beach and taken to the coreners office. no word on the cause of death. more than a dozen students at east bay middle schools have been disciplined for sharing sexually explicit photos. one coerced another into sex and could face charges. a parent contacted authorities monday after hearing a rumor about the photos being shared. police found 16 students involved at four schools from brentwood and byron. >> they hosted class force communities to come out and talk about online safety. we do that ourselves but there's more we need to do to support the family and the kids. >> the contra costa d. a. is reviewing the case to determine if criminal charges should be filed. >> investigators are still looking for the cause of the
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massive fire in the mission bay neighborhood. part of the structure collapsed during tuesday's inferno. they are focusing their search on the northeast corner of the complex but it's still too dangerous to enter the building. they are checking it out from a save vantage point on top of aerial ladders. daly city leaders say they want to ban the sale of e-cigarettes. there are currently three of those stores in the city. at least one is located near a church and school. city leaders are worried e-cigarettes will end up in the hands of young people and not just adults looking for a way to quit smoking. the mayor wants them band entirely. san francisco is also considering a ban on e-cigarettes. >> a palo alto manmade a wise choice after googling himself last week. he found himself on northern california's most wanted website. the 27-year-old man was being sought for firing a gun during a fight at a party in san leandro last year. as the police chief put it, he
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did not use good judgment at the party but he did last week when he turned himself in. despite being declared brain dead three months ago, the family of a teenager is showing signs of life. according to "the chronicle," the uncle said while the 13-year-old remains unconscious, she looks healthy and turns her body regularly. she even turns in direction of visitors when they enter the room, indicating she understands her surroundings. she was declared brain dead after following complications from brain surgery. and there might be lowered fees to empty vacation homes in sonoma county. there were 52 burglaries since september. they believe the on join advertising lead to the break rising crime. they steal items like big is screen tvs. a man to allow people in the bay area to run with the bulls
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is facing fierce opposition from animal rights advocates. the event is modeled after the running of the ball in spain but this version would take place in pleasanton. we have the story. >> this video provided to abc7 news by the animal legal defense run shows a great ball run in florida. the company called "the great ball run" is selling tickets for another event on july 26th. peta has filed a lawsuit. >> california makes it legal to force a ball to fight with a human being and also makes it illegal to cause unjustifiable suffering to an animal and finally it makes it unlawful to host a blood less ball fight or similar event. >> we reached out to the company but didn't get a response. website said we don't kill a ball in a ball fight, nor do we abuse them in any way. we don't hit them, shock them or
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deprive them of food or sleep but they said the cruelty is fear, said the group. >> but to get entangled with other bulls and runners to fall and for them to fall or gore one another. >> they said in texas the bulls tried to get away from the runners, only to be las sewed roped and whipped into compliance but some pleasanton residents don't really see the harm. >> i don't think it's necessarily cruel just because you have bulls outrunning around. it's one thing if you hurt the animal but it's another thing to let them do what they naturally do. >> it's not a local pleasanton tradition but i think it would be quite the experience. >> the ball run is not yet listed on the website, and they said the event website said it's subject to change in location and date. >> it's a little cool this morning but the trade off is warmer afternoon conditions.
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clear, no fog to speak of. and numbers in the low to mid-50s right now. but it is much cooler, as much as 12 to 14 degrees cooler in north bay. we will talk about the warmup, how long it lasts and whether or not they with see spring showers the week ahead. >> that would be nice. thank you. also next, tensions mount as the world aerates waits the outcome of a critical vote in caimea and new rules dog walkers are facing in some parts o
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>> good morning. glad you are up with us on this saturday morning. it's 5:12. a live look for you here.
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the east bay valleys are looking at the upper 70s. so enjoy it. lisa argen will be along shortly with the forecast. she'll let us know whether or not there will be rain. waiting for that answer. it will be coming to you in a little bit. the future of crimea inches on a vote tomorrow. that's what residents decide if they will separate from ukraine and join russia. russian forces currently control crimea. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. and john kerry would not recognize a vote to join russia. at this time department has issued a travel alert for americans traveling to the ukraine-russian border. a funding package for a suicide bridge on the golden gate could be in place in may. it is still unclear who will pay for what portion of the $66 million project. the bridge district is in the process of applying for highway funds to help fund the barrier. meanwhile, several members of the golden gate board say the
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district needs to look at ways to use follow money to fund the project. things like one of the most popular get-rich-quick dreams in the bay area right now is to come up with a smartphone app and made possible. it's possible if you have the skills, but where do you start? mike finish has some ideas. >> i'm all for getting rich quick so i interviewed one of the hottest app developers around. big idea has to come from you, but the details he has down. >> right now we have 5 basketball connected devices and in probably 7 years you will have 50 basketball connected devices all over the world. >> that's why you can get rich. a growing market. and that's also why many companies are starting with the mobile device app rather then a website. this man is ceo of y-media lab, an app builder. he said to make it big, start
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small. >> you should really focus on mobile specific features to launch an app and then build overtime other features on top of that. so the first version should be light, and then you should grow with your user base. >> he is showing me the paypal app, which eloquently bridges the gap from online to mobile. >> so i can tap on jamba juice, actually look at the menu car and select what juicy want and actually pay. >> this man heads of simplicity by emc, a data storage company. he said while apps can be all business. >> you are actually leveraging specific analytics to take the task the human has to do and use that. >> it opens data storage in a human way. >> all i need to do is take my finger, drag the sheet on the right and now i can access the content. >> which brings us back to this
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man and his most important advice. for your get-rich scheme. >> you have to really focus on one or two things and do it really, really well rather than just copy a popular idea. >> if you want more information on y-labs or simplicity, go to our website abc7 i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> a dog on the job in sonoma county help track down 50 pounds. marijuana hidden inside a car. this is a two-year-old posing with his huge fine. thursday night dicky alerted his human partner to the trunk of a car. officer found the drugs inside sealed in bag guess, along with $14,000 in cash. a man from brookdale was arrested. dicky has been on the job just eight months. >> a north bay community is battling around a retire police dog that's battling cancer. the community donated nor $7,000 for his care.
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he spin his career with the roenick police department. he was diagnosed last month with an aggressive form of bone cancer. he had to have his right leg and shoulder am atated. he had his first chemotherapy treatment earlier this week. it's the first in a a series of treatments that are estimated to cost $9,000 >> knew this morning professional dog walkers are facing wolves in the national recreation area. they say they will require a permits for commercial dog walkers with four or more dogs at a time with a limit of six dogs. it will be on national properties in marin, san francisco and san mateo county. the new rule is expected to go in effect sometime after a 30-day notice period which gang yesterday. nearly 200 volunteers in oakland will get a chance to buzz the fuzz to raise awareness of childhood cancer. it's at the children's hospital. volunteers will shave their heads in the hope of raising
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$250,000 for childhood cancer research. a raider and former raider will participate east vent gets underway at 11:00. >> st. patrick day is monday but you can get an early start celebrating today. happening today the city's 163rd annual st. patrick's day parade. kick off at 11:30 downtown. if you are coming in from the north bay you can say the larkspur or sausalito ferry. the parade begins at second and market streets and ends at civic center. market street 2010 first and venice avenue will be close today traffic. weather-wise for the parade, sounds like it will be just right. >> yeah. than years we've had rain. but in fact 10 to 15 degrees above average will be the temperatures for today, tomorrow, and that means a slight offshore push. here's a look at live doppler 7hd. things are very, very quiet. we aren't making up any returns at all.
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in fact, no cloud cover. that's allowed for temperatures to cool significantly. much cooler than we had yesterday. right now 514 in san francisco. good morning to you san jose. 49. it's 46 in loss got tas and half moon bay coming in at 48. another look from our exploratorium camera where it is quiet and some of the numbers here downtown in the mid-50s. elsewhere, though, take a look at napa. 43. a long way to go for your 78 today. 46 in novato with livermore coming in at 47. in our east bay valleys we are going to warm significantly through the upper 730s and down around morgan hill we could see numbers there about 80 degrees. los gatos. a very warm day today. clear this morning. much warmer over the weekend and we will be looking at the possibility of some regard-high temperatures. flow will be slightly offshore. we will have the weak surface onshore flow. beaches will be comfortable but we are looking for a building
5:20 am
swell out the pacific. that will allow for the wave heights to really build throughout the day today and tomorrow and monday. and we are looking at a slight offshore push and then by tomorrow, in fact, pretty dangerous conditions at you're beaches. just check the local wave heights. we are going to up these. it's 7 feet now, bodega bay and san francisco. we are looking at the westerly swells to continue to build. up to 18 feet is possible. very popular place, ocean beach, pacifica, half moon bay coming in at 70 today. be advised of the dangerous conditions out there. 78 santa clara. on the peninsula look for mid-70s from redwood city. mountain view, how about 78 degrees? this puts you 15 degrees above your average. san francisco should be about 62. a high of 70 today. feeling more like summer than a couple days away from spring. 76 petaluma. bodega bay, a cool spot, will be
5:21 am
in the mid-60s. and berkeley a high of 75 and union city. as you head inland temperatures even warmer with highs from about 78 in pittsburgh, 77 in pleasanton. the accuweather seven-day forecast, looking at the numbers, even maybe a degree or two warmer tomorrow. the official st. patrick's day on the calendar, cooler and breezy, 60s to the mid-70ss. more sunshine and the pest we can muster more soring on the 20th, thursday, a few extra clouds and the winds dicking up for thursday and friday. at this point looking pretty dry out there. abc7 news has another great weather resource for you to follow. following this live doppler 7hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions rain or shine. it looks good out there. but kind of skipping over spring for the short term 678 we will get back to that with the wind and some cooler numbers next week. >> we skipped winter, too. >> kind of.
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>> thanks, lisa. next, a special surf report bright for some middle grade uncle go one,two,one,two,one [uncle]thistwo,one.cotch,okay? [niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven!
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[uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah?
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>> this morning a baby gorilla is recovering from surgery three days after being born by an
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emergency c-section. it repaired a collapsed young. veterinarians noticed the tiny gorilla was experiencing breathing and her heart rate was he will stated. a dramatic rescue in the san gabrielle mountains. you see this horse being airlifted out of the canyon. the horse and the woman riding it fell 50 feet down a trail yesterday. she was with her husband, who became sick, and couldn't get out either. the woman was taken to the hospital. the horse was tranquilized and put into the harness attached to a chopper and moved to an area where animal care experts were waiting. wow. free prom dresses available again today in san francisco thanks to the princess project prom dress give away. young women who can't afford a prom dress can still get the perfect gown. it's on market street between 14th street and 15th street. the prom dress give away with also happen next weekend. >> a class in san jose has received a special gift.
5:26 am
three guitars. yesterday that were handed out to a class at burnet middle school. the students previously just practiced the vocals. they will begin learning to play the guitars immediately and will play at the mexican heritage festival this summer. scrabble is looking for a few good words. hasbro, the company behind the game, launched a facebook question to determine with which word gets into the next edition. will it be one of these? only you can decide. fans have until the 28th to put forth their suggestions. we have a link on our website. hopefully not,weeing. up next. demolition involvement on the old bay bridge and a warning goes out to driver to avoid the distraction. and also, desperate to save
5:27 am
water, what east bay mom is doing to hang on to
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and the first thing that came to mind is, "can i afford to go to the hospital?" now that i've got covered california, i know that if something happens to me that i'm covered. i'm in. [ female announcer ] everyone deserves health insurance. are you in? find free, confidential, local help at flush. >> welcome back, everyone. coming up at 5:30 and starting with the weather. he's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning to you. starting out cool with numbers in the low 40s. here's a view from the exploratorium camera. there it is in the mid-50s with a clear sky. numbers have dropped off, especially in the north bay valley. 43 napa, but livermore still cool for you. a couple degrees cooler than yesterday morning, 47 degrees. we are looking at high pressure building in around the bay today with a slight offshore flow. that will bring numbers to above
5:30 am
average readings. but it's been above average. yesterday we saw plenty of 70s, for today with 5 degrees of warming we will be 10 to 15 degrees above average. so we have been looking at temperatures, of course, warmer than average and today no exception. but at our beaches with full sunshine, mid-and upper 60s around the bay. a very light sea breeze in the afternoon. pretty nice and mild afternoon there. mid-and upper 70s around the bay. maybe a couple degrees of warming there. and our inland valleys for near 80. any changes for the second half of the weekend and what about spring? we will talk all about it in a few minutes. katie. >> thanks, lisa. new this morning president obama's move to make more workers eligible for overtime pay is being hailed by democrats as a potent midterm election issue. he signed a presidential memorandum thursday to directing the labor department to develop new rules that will affect millions of americans. it is to ensure workers are paid a fair wage. >> we have to build an company
5:31 am
that works for everybody, not just the fortunate few. we know from our history the economy grows best from the middle-out when growth is more widely shared. we have to restore opportunity for all. the idea that with hard work and responsibility, you can get ahead. >> critics called the move an example of presidential overreach. the c. h. p. has opened an administration investigation about how caltran handled complaints about the welding on the new bay bridge. last year they reported finding hundreds of cracked valves on the bridge and one said his company lost a caltran contract after lodging a complaint. the agency that overseas caltran hold a demonstration the chp to look into whether it was anything more than a professional disagreement. the old bay bridge, meanwhile, is quickly being dismantled and it could become a distraction to drivers. wayne freedman has more. >> reporter: if you mistakenly assume the bay bridge
5:32 am
construction project is finished, clearly you have not accessed the new span by the pike entrance. it is soon-to-be part of history which leads us to this announcement. >> starting at 8:00 on monday, march 23rd, the bike path will be closed for up to one week and at the latest will repope at 6:00 a.m. on monday, march 31st. >> they are explaining the closure that will unable the completion of this permanent entrance to the bike path that's all part of the plan, as is this: you are looking at the latest sky 7 footage of yet odd bay bridge engineering project. the $240 million deconstruction of the ones iconic cantilever section. tons of steele and 45,000 tons of con cream how does this tie into the bay bridge bike path? the bike path has a lot of close up view of the work. as these people can attest. >> it's really cool. >> what are they doing?
5:33 am
>> i have no idea. breaking it apart, i guess. >> breaking it apart methodically, we might add, and carefully. a step by step reversal of the construction process. and you can see all of that from the bike path for a little while longer, at least. caltran plans to install protective gates to keep observers from getting too close. >> and while this is taking place, that gate will be locked. and that's on the off chance if winds change direction. >> just for you fans of cantilever deconstruction, if you want to get a good look at the action, you better hurry. along the bay bridge, wayne freedman, abc7 news. sky 7hd offers a save way to see the bay bridge demolition. the highway patrol emphasizes it is important to watch the road in front of you and not get distracted by the activity on the old span. >> as a driver, any distraction can take your mind off the road. your most important priority, though, is the safety of your vehicle and the safety of your
5:34 am
passengers and everyone on the roadway with you. they add watching anything other than the traffic can be as distracting and dangerous was texting and driving. san francisco based uber is changing their insurance for drivers. it's to address liable for accidents involving drivers working but don't have passengers. it comes after a uber driver hit and killed a six-year-old on new year's eve. uber said they were not responsible because the driver didn't have a passenger in their car at the time. attorney said it's not enough. >> they are saying the same car on the roadway, if it has a passenger in it, they will pay $1 million. if no one is in it they will pay $50,000. and it's just a sham. uber is trying a p. r. move to deal with the situation that they have not provided adequate insurance. uber could not be reached for comment on the claims.
5:35 am
two other ride companies, lyft and sidecar, have announced plans town crease coverage. happening to the oakland parents will meet with school teachers and officials to discuss incidences on the colleges. a man was reported touching students inappropriately. it occurred on march 7th and january 24ing. today's meet will focus on the east oakland area and begins at 10:00 a.m. and is at castlemont high school. yesterday a utility sent out technician to search for interior and water leaks of three homes. east bay mud says one in four homes has a leak somewhere. >> toilets are the number one water waisters. that's because they don't make a sound at times. you can't see the leak and that's the reason why their
5:36 am
water bill or consumption has gone up. >> and dripping facets are a big water waister. they can leak up to 45 gallons of water a day. the company will open up pipe repair site monday. it's in regard to national fix a leak week. people in fremont, union city and newark cannot water their lawns on consecutive days starting immediately. refill their pools or use hoses without a shut off nozzle. first time violators will be issued a warnings and continued violations may result in the discontinue situation of water service. and meanwhile some have directed staff to review new ways to conserve, looking at a process that evaporates water vapor in the air to make water. and they are look at planting
5:37 am
more drought resistant landscaping as well as convert to go low-flow toilets and showers at county facilities. in marin county they were going to institute mandatory restrictions but now said it won't happen. they received 21 inches of rain in february compared to 0 in february and less than 2 inches in december. but now reservoirs are almost three quarters full. residence are still being asked to conserve voluntarily. still ahead, bay area researchers who are making waves by harnessing the purchase of the sea. >> and taking a live look outside at 5:37 this morning. this is the view from our hd kgo roof cam. the gorgeous bay lights from the roof cam.
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blank. >> welcome back. glad you are up early and with us on this saturday morning. it's 5:40. a live look at the san mateo bridge a land full of cars but certainly no traffic to speak of. lots going on this holiday weekend. st. patrick's day on monday. the parade today in san francisco. looks like it is going to be a gorgeous day and lisa argen will fill you in coming up in her forecast in a little bit. if you are in the market for a new car and you are intrigued by electric vehicles, you may want to head to richmond today. the expo opened yesterday. you can look at several makes of electric cars. honda has a car that produces only vapor from the exhaust pipe. >> you pull up to the hydrogen station and you are good for over 3,000 miles. no plug-in is required. all the electricity is made on
5:41 am
board the car. >> it's in show rooms already but it's not being sold in the bay area because of the lack of refueling stations. yesterday's expo included a seminar for local and state officials on what is needed to get more refueling station ball. the expo runs through today on richmond's craneway pavilion. >> if you could drive down and fill it up and come back with such efficient gas mileage. good morning. we are looking at a nice start with higher temperatures. here a look from the emeryville camera. even warmer than yesterday! any records in the forecast? i'll let you know when we return and talk about whether or not we are going to see any rain coming up. >> thank you, lisa. also next, a disappointing loss for the warriors against the cavaliers. steph curry said it was cable. we will show you what happened we will show you what happened last night at good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help.
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>> welcome back. sparkling lights of the bay bridge. a clear, sunny day ahead. 80s in some places, says lisa argen? she will let you know exactly where and when and how warm it will get for you coming up in a little while. a bay area research team believes it has an innovative solution for two critical problems facing southern california. it's designed to deliver both energy and freshwater. here's carolyn johnson with the details. >> reporter: on a foggy day along the bay area coastline it can be hard to spot much of anything, besides search and sand. but researchers say they see a clear and promising future in these crashing waves. >> this is our current prototype. >> he's graduate engineer at university of california-berkeley and in the tank behind him is a device known as the seafloor carpet, designed toucan mass the power of waves. >> you see the carpet follows the wave motion. and this motion of the carpet
5:45 am
then drives the hydraulic punches underneath. >> it's a scaled down version of what could ehaven'tly be a reliable form of energy. the team leader said the idea is based loosely on the physics of mud, it's lies on the seafloor and absorbs much of the turbulence as before it crashes on to the shoreline. >> it came to mind if mud does such a great job, you can place a carpet on the seabed that responds to the waves. same way the mud can take out the same amount of energy. >> this animation provided by the lab, the action of the hydraulic pumps forces sea water through a single line which creates a high pressure flow that will be used to produce electricity on shore. but in addition to driving turbines, they believe pumps could be used to provide something just as valuable,
5:46 am
fresh, drinkable water forced through desal nation filters. >> in fact, it generates high pressure water that can be used tore desal nation and that's the first application we are looking on at this point. >> we can switch to freshwater, use the power to produce freshwater in times at night where there's no sunshine we could use the waves to produce electricity. >> the team is currently setting up partnerships to create a large scale prototype and hopes to begin ocean testing within two years, ultimately maybe turning the tied toward renewable ocean energy. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. the carpet certainly isn't the first attempt to harness wave power, but the team believes if has several advantages over competing technologies. because it sits on the ocean floor, they believe it will take far less punishment than surface systems and require less maintenance. happening today, the blue angels are once again taking to the skies.
5:47 am
u.s. navy kicks off their 2014 airshow season today with a show at naval air facility in he will centro. the blue and gold jets soaring again after being grounded after much of last year with the spinning cuts. they are scheduled for 68 performances between 35 locations between now and november. they will return to the bay area in october for fleet week. i understand how expensive it is, but so cool to watch. so glad it's coming back. >> yes. we are looking at almost like october weather around here with sunny skies. no fog. and temperatures very, very warm. so we will get started with live doppler 7hd. no cloud cover to speak of. dryer air with high pressure taking complete control of our weather today, with a light offshore flow, allowing for nice boch day perhaps today but then the swells begin to build and we will have pretty strong winds out there. 51 in oakland. good morning san francisco. the mild spot at 54. san jose is 49.
5:48 am
los gatos 46. on the coast, as much as 9 degrees cooler this morning. our exploratorium camera showing you the lights this morning. here are the chilly numbers from napa to santa rosa. 43 and 45. 46 in novato. livermore at 47 degrees. the delta and concord coming in at 50. and kind of dark from this view but our sutro camera you will notice it is clear. so with the clear start we are chillier but by the afternoon we are coming up to the upper 70s. maybe a couple 80s down around monterey inland and then we will look for the possibility perhaps of a few records as we head in towards tomorrow once this high really gets established and we get that compressional heating, which does warm us up with this setup. we have the high to the north and the high off the coast. and that is that typical offshore flow. cold front sits out in the pacific and that will generate the larger swells as we head into tomorrow.
5:49 am
it will last right through monday. temperatures around the state with the high surf in the south wind. wow, 83 degrees in los angeles. san diego, very gusty winds, up to 40 miles an hour. so they are getting that stronger offshore component. 71 in yosemite. look for 81 in sacramento with 70 on the coast today. so it will be very nice out there with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s around bodega bay and point raise. look at half moon bay, 70 degrees. san francisco average high 62 with 70 today. you are well above average. mid-70s on the pepins law. 77 palo alto. san jose should be about 67. so 11 degrees warmer than average for a high of 78. so if you are headed to the parade, it's looking pretty nice out there with temperatures continuing to climb. 11:00, 67 degrees. of course, it starts at 11:30 so
5:50 am
1:00 69 and 70 degrees and 3:00 this afternoon. we get a little bit of an on shore flow which should be pretty light but nothing in the way of on securing all the sunshine today. bring the sun block. the accuweather seven day forecast today and tomorrow feeling kind of like summer without the fog and by monday we look for breezier conditions. a little bit cooler tuesday. still sunny with 60s and 70s. not very much change on wednesday. but by thursday and friday we will see the on shore flow a little bit stronger. of course, the first day of spring is thursday. so we will be looking at perhaps maybe some changes towards the next week. but this winter has been like that. we could see some rain and then it doesn't happen. for now nice and dry and warm. >> and there's the st. patrick's day parade in san francisco today. so it has to be dry and warm, it might as well be today. everyone will be out enjoying that. lisa, thank you. the niners are less then six months away from kickoff at their new stadium and tickets
5:51 am
are almost sold out. work on levi stadium is nearly complete. the goal posts even went in last week. the san jose mercury news reports the niners have sold more than 90% of their seat license necessary the 07,000 seat stadium. up from 70% a year ago and 50% two years ago. the stadium opens august 2nd with a san jose earthquake soccer game. the 49ers' schedule won't be released until next month. in sports tomorrow night the warriors are in portland to face the trail blazers, hoping to rebound from last night's disappointing loss to cleveland. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. steph curry turned 26 yesterday. the cleveland cavaliers figured to be the perfect gift but again we see an east eastern conference team come into oracle and bee the warriors. ex-warrior, jared jack. all warriors first quarter. curry the steal and behind the
5:52 am
back. and the cavs answer, 23-2 run. and six points. thompson, here's the curry birthday gift. saving the ball right to steph, who finished with 27 points. remember no klay thompson, attending his grandfather's funeral. and the cavs -- look, way out. and the warriors fall 103-94. pack 12 semifinals. stanford versus ucla in vegas. cardinals not ready at all. norman right to the rack. he had 22. a 15 point ucla lead at the half and they kept scoring. jordan adams there. and travis square added 16. ucla crushes the cardinals 84-59. stanford should still make the ncaa tournament. the bruins will face arizona in the conference title game. to the ice, sharks playing the islanders. former shark goalie nabakov, second period. brent burns the shot and joe thornton the rebound.
5:53 am
banks it home. san jose wins 4-3. their fifth straight victory. trouble for the a's. looks like they will not have jared parker on the mound for opening day. his next appointment is with a doctor. parker with recurring soreness in his forearm will visit dr. james andrews to check it out. parker had tommy john surgery in 2009. the forearm issues began late last season and now they are back again. fellow starter griffin is going to have an mri for elbow discomfort. he got rocked by the rookies thursday night. sunny may start opening day. nfl news, the raiders lured quarterback terrell brown across the bay, leaving the niners for a one-year deal worth $3.5 million. he lost his starting spot in the middle of the last season but back in the starting lineup for the playoffs. he lift out on a $12 million workout bonus where he had to show up to earn it. they signed chris cook, the
5:54 am
quarterback from the vikings. and dixon is signing with live low. he spent four years with the red and gold. never got a chance he wanted to do most, get carries as an down-back. he was terrific on special teams and he will be missed. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. next, it's not just the play by harry potter, the bay area team gearing up for the world cup cribbage
5:55 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions draw. >> nobody correctly picked all six numbers so the jackpot is bigger. it's been rolling since january 3rd. tuesday night's jackpot now estimated at $400 million. harry potter fans who have always wanted to know how the game of came to be.
5:57 am
they now know. the first world cup is available to only those who subscribe to the website. it documents the history of the game played by pitches and wizards on broomsticks. the second part is expected to be released next friday. new this morning, athletes from san jose state university are slated to compete in the crittage world cup. they received their first-ever invitation to compete. it's now trying to raise money to go to the tournament that will be held next month in south carolina at myrtle beach. it is the largest for crittage. san jose state is the first team in the csu system to be invited. next on the saturday morning news at six. what malaysia prime minister now says bat jet line who are disappeared more than a week ago after reports surfaced that it was hijacked. and the homicide investigation
5:58 am
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>> good morning, everyone. it's 6:00 a.m. i'm katie marzullo. we will start off with a quick first look we weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, katie, good morning to you. live doppler 7hd is dry u see the sweep from mount st. helena. we should be picking up some fog by monday. here it is saturday. we are looking at a very warm weekend ahead. but right now it's chill in the north bay. how about 43 in napa. 50 at the san carlos airport, 52 mountain view and san jose sitting at 60 degrees. starting out this morning cooler. our coast anywhere are 7 to 9 degrees cooler. by the afternoon even stinson, montara, half moon bay upper 60s.


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